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Do you accept trade ins on a new trackless train?

Currently, we do not accept trade ins on a new trackless train.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer in house financing at this time; however, we work with finance companies that could help get you the financing you need to purchase your trackless train. Please reach out to us via phone or at Majestictrainsllc@gmail.com for more details.

Where will the train be shipped from and how are they shipped?

The trains are shipped FOB origin from Central Florida. We can assist with shipping arrangements and ensure the trains are properly loaded for secure transport to your destination or the trains can be picked up from our location with you own cargo trailer.

What is the lead time on a Majestic Trackless Train?

Depending on which model you are interested in the lead time varies. Please contact us to discuss your train build and lead times.

Do you offer replacement parts for trackless trains?

Yes, we offer replacement parts for your trackless train. You can submit your order at Majestictrainsllc@gmail.com  for a quote on the items needed. If we do not have the item in stock, we will be happy to direct to you a vendor that may have the items you need.

How many cars can I pull with my Majestic Train Engine?

Up to 4 passenger cars which will hold 16 adults or up to 24 children.

How many cars come with a Standard Majestic Trackless Train?

The Majestic Express comes with a gas powered or electric powered engine and 3 passenger cars with complete graphics. An additional passenger car can be added to your order for an additional cost.

Can I customize the graphics on my trackless train with my business name?

The graphics on the Majestic Train come standard, however, we can customize the name of the train to your business name at no additional charge. If you would like a complete customize design of graphics with your company logo, additional fees may apply.


Majestic Trackless Trains are a great business opportunity with a fantastic return on investment and low initial cost to get started. Contact us for pricing and availability!

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